About BBaiRT

Welcome to BBairt, a platform where art, storytelling, and family dreams converge. My name is Brett Black, and I'm the creator behind this venture. Join me, and my wife Jessette, on an inspiring journey as I share the story of BBairt, its profound impact on our family, and the powerful fusion of AI art, storytelling, and the pursuit of dreams.

BBairt was born out of a dream to unite our family here in the United States.

That me and my wife, Jessette.

Our story is one of hope and resilience. My wife and I met and got married about five years ago now. We fell in love very quickly and decided that at our age we didn't want to wait. Rather than her going back to Macau when her travel visa ran out, we decided to book a date at the King County Courthouse here in Seattle and get hitched.

It was such short notice I couldn't even get the day off work, and immediately went in to the busy five star hotel I was working at while Jess, my brother Ed and his girlfriend all ate a celebratory dinner.  We have not regretted it for a single moment since and are as happy as a couple can be. 


Jessette's daughter Dane, who is now proudly my daughter, her husband Marco, and our three grandsons Prince Dennis, Marcus, and Danemark all reside in the Philippines, We want to bring them here to Seattle, so we can all be a family together.

I started BBairt to help earn some extra money to aid in this cause. So in essence, BBairt has a goal to be more more than just a platform; it became the means to make our dream a reality. With every purchase, we move one step closer to the joyous reunion that awaits us.

AI Art is at the heart of BBairt. Through advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, I am able create artwork that covers all my favorite subjects, namely science fiction, fantasy, and kaiju, as well as a sprinkling of other pop culturey stuff. It allows me to express my creativity in ways that traditional art forms cannot. 

Storytelling is an integral part of the BBaiirt experience. With every artwork, I aim to craft narratives that immerse viewers in worlds of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and introspection. I believe this is what makes BBairt different from the overwhelming majority of AI Art selling stores.

Crafting the captivating videos you see above involves a meticulous and multi-step process that showcases the dedication and effort invested in each piece. It all begins with generating the artwork, ensuring its legality for sale through my membership with Midjourney. Afterwards, I undertake upscaling and editing in Photoshop, ensuring the quality of the photo files necessary for producing exceptional prints.

The story scripts, primarily powered by AI, undergo extensive editing to refine and enhance their impact. To create a lifelike and engaging narration experience, I employ an AI voice generator and editor program, giving the videos a captivating documentary-like feel.

Lastly, I utilize a photo animation tool to infuse movement and vitality into each piece, creating an immersive visual experience. This comprehensive process demands substantial time and unwavering attention to detail, demonstrating my commitment to delivering remarkable results.

So, by supporting BBairt, you not only bring great, unique art that looks cool on your walls into your life, but you also contribute to our family's dream of reuniting. Your purchases directly impact our journey, providing the means to navigate the complex process of immigration and create a better future for our loved ones. Every artwork and story shared is a step forward, a testament to the power of collective support in turning dreams into reality.

Thank you for reading
- Brett